Dublin Aerospace Announce 50 New Jobs at Dublin Airport




10/05/2017 Dublin Airport,


Dublin Aerospace, Ireland’s largest independent Aircraft MRO (Maintenance Repair Organisation) is proud to announce the creation of 50 new full-time jobs for our facilities at Dublin Airport between now and October, 2017.


The positions will mainly consist of Aircraft Engineers, both structural and electrical (B1/B2). The announcement has been a direct result of a higher demand for Base Maintenance for Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 / A330 Family aircraft.


In addition to these Engineers, Dublin Aerospace will be taking on a number of Apprentices in the areas of MAMF (Mechanical Automation and Maintenance Fitter) and Aircraft Technicians.


CEO Michael Tyrrell commented by saying, “We are absolutely delighted to make this announcement. From our launch in 2009, we have seen tremendous growth with a year on year increase in staff and profitability, my belief is that these new jobs are just the start as Dublin Aerospace goes from strength to strength”

He continued by saying “Enterprise Ireland have helped us from Day 1 they, combined with our dedicated staff, are a major factor in our success”