Aircraft Apprenticeship Assessment Day 1














Over the next 3 days 130 applicants will be tested. These applicants will
have to undertake exams in Manual Dexterity, Verbal Reasoning, Spatial
Reasoning, Numerical and Psychological testing.


 “We, at Dublin Aerospace, require our applicants not only to be good
with their hands but they must also have a high level of academic ability.
These tests help us identify suitable candidates to progress to the next
stage of the process.”
Kieran Fitzgerald, Head of Human Resources.


Only the applicants with the best results will be invited to interview for
1 of 15 available positions.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended
the examination process today, some of whom travelled as far afield as
Cork and Donegal.


If you or someone you know could have what it takes to be an Aircraft
Apprentice, please apply for our next intake in 2018.