Dublin Aerospace is now an approved vendor for Boeing Global Fleet Care


Dublin Aerospace is proud to announce
that we are now a Boeing Global Fleet Care
vendor for Maintenance Repair & Overhaul
(MRO). Boeing Global Fleet Care, formerly
known as GoldCare, is a high-value, low-risk
and efficient fleet maintenance operations
solution that gives customers a competitive
advantage in the marketplace.


“We are delighted to become an approved
vendor for such a prestigious company as
Boeing. I am extremely proud of our
engineers on the hangar floor, their
continued work and dedication over the
years has led to this being possible”
& Deputy CEO, Kevin Wall


The service agreement calls for Dublin
Aerospace to provide full MRO support for
Boeing Global Fleet Care customers.


Building on a foundation of over 50 years
of experience in the Aerospace industry,
Dublin Aerospace is one of the world’s
leading providers of Aerospace MRO
services. Focusing on APU (Auxiliary
Power Unit) Repair & Overhaul, Base
Maintenance and Landing Gear
Repair & Overhaul.


Dublin Aerospace combines modern Lean
and Kaizen concepts with traditional quality
and customer service to deliver high quality
products with reduced turnaround times at
highly competitive prices.


Dublin Aerospace Approvals Include:

  • FAA Approval
  • EASA Part 145
  • EASA Part 147
  • TCCA Approval


For more details, please call Mr Kevin Wall
Tel:      +353 (0) 1812 6148
Email: Kevin.Wall@Dublinaerospace.com